What is an Internal Transfer in Exness? Is there any Commission for Internal Transfers

What is an Internal Transfer in Exness? Is there any Commission for Internal Transfers

General Rules

Here are the list of rules to keep in mind when making internal transfers:

  • Internal transfers between accounts of the same type are performed instantly.
  • Transfers may be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The term “instant” shall be understood to mean that a transaction is carried out within a few seconds without manual processing by financial department specialists.
  • Funds received via internal transfer may only be withdrawn using the payment system they were originally deposited from.
  • The company retains the right to change the processing time for transactions without notifying clients in advance.
  • The company may place limits on the availability of internal transfers to accounts belonging to other Personal Areas.

Internal transfer limitations

Internal transfers present the following limitations, regardless of account type, country and others.

  • To internally transfer funds to another client, the sender must have verified POI.
  • If the recipient is not fully verified, then he is able to receive an internal transfer which is limited to USD 2000.

Please note that transfers are also subject to currency exchange rates.

What is an internal transfer and how does it work?

Internal transfers refer to transfers between your partner account and one of your Exness trading accounts. These can be made in your Personal Area.

What are the general rules for internal transfers?

The general rules for internal transfers are as follows:

  1. The minimum amount for an internal transfer is USD 1.
  2. The payment system used for fund withdrawal must coincide with the one used to deposit funds into the account. For example, you deposit funds into Account A via a WebMoney account and perform an internal transfer to Account B. The owner of Account B must therefore withdraw funds from his account via WebMoney. Given the case where Account B does not have WebMoney as a payment system option, the internal transfer, though possible, is thereby ineffectual as the recipient of the fund cannot withdraw any part of it.
  3. Internal transfers are not possible between accounts of different entities.
  4. The amount of funds to be transferred to a new trading account via internal transfer must be equal to or higher than the minimum initial deposit of the account type. For minimum deposit requirements for all account types. For example, if we consider that the minimum initial deposit for an account is USD 200, an internal transfer to a new trading account must be USD 200 or more.

Is there any commission for internal transfers?

No, there is no commission for internal transfers.